Who has george eads dating

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Who has george eads dating

Paul Manning left his supervising producer role but remained involved with the series as an executive consultant.

Long-time crew members Lance Gentile and Neal Baer were promoted to producers for the fourth season.

Thorpe had previously worked on the series as both a cinematographer and director.

Salamunovich was the series unit production manager for the first three seasons and continued to fulfill this role as a co-producer.

Lydia Woodward also returned as an executive producer and writer. Flint was replaced as co-executive producer by Christopher Chulack.

Chulack was previously a regular director and a producer for the third season.

Facing a lawsuit, Chief of Staff Donald Anspaugh decides to hire her back.

Weaver begins to see Synergix's dark side, and breaks up with West because she feels he is using her, effectively cutting off all ties with Synergix.

Meanwhile, as Greene copes with his beating, he and Ross travel to California to bury Ross' dad.Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain, because Chase started using again, eventually crippling him for life.At the end of the season, Anna's ex-boyfriend comes to the hospital to see if the ER is in need of a pediatrics attending.A lonely Corday starts a relationship with Benton, which causes friction with Benton's family because she is white.Weaver attends a Synergix seminar to see how to better manage the ER.

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