Uwasa no futari online dating

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Uwasa no futari online dating

As Lucia plans to light a candle with Kaito's name on it, she also experiences conflicting emotions when she realizes Kaito still hasn't yet discovered she is his precious mermaid.

When Lucia hears a rumor that Kaito is dating an older girl, she sets out to investigate.

They also find out about a tune their teacher wrote for the mermaid he met during a trip in India. Kaito and his friends are throwing Lucia a birthday party at a beach house.

However, a letter arrives from the palace in the North Pacific Ocean—Lucia's home—announcing that her coming-of-age party will take place on her birthday - the same day as the birthday party!

The three mermaids become known as the trio teen idols.

Lucia sets out to make a bento for Kaito, in high hopes that it will encourage him enough to help him win his next surfing competition.

Lucia wants to have a date under the starry sky, just like the day they met, and follows him around to work up the courage and ask him.

She soon finds out, however, that Kaito is visiting his parents' grave that day.

While the acquisition of the license and English localization of anime predated that of the manga, it is unknown if a release will occur.

That is because as of 2009, the anime has been completely dubbed but is being held by TV Aichi.

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Lucia strays away in a crowd after the end of a rock concert.

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