Transexuals online ning

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Transexuals online ning

Jordan-Young calls for a departure from brain organization theory, with its poor experiment design, and for a genuine exploration of the complex nature of sex, gender, and sexuality (3, 9).

The studies reviewed for this introduction to transgender phenomena utilize brain imaging in conjunction with sex-hormone measurements to explore multiple questions: to determine if transsexuals are “born this way,” to ascertain which brain structures are markers of gender identity, and to evaluate how hormones influence specific brain structures.

IGF-I was similar to reference values in both groups except for one post-surgery patient, whose level was below the normal range.

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Despite this fact, the theory of sexual dimorphism remains entrenched within Western culture.

Experiments are designed around brain organization theory, which posits that the brain is a sexually dimorphic structure prior to birth and lends itself to the sexual differences people experience in their lives — which is not supported by existing data (Jordan-Young 2010: 21).

The gene study analyzed Pre-surgery subjects had elevated PRL, reduced testosterone and gonadotropins.

Post-surgery subects showed reduced androgens, a marked increase in LH and FSH and normal PRL.

Here you can connect with partners and donors for charitable purposes, or conduct fundraising.Cortisol and ACTH were similar to reference values in pre- and post-surgery patients.There was a marked increase in the baseline and post-stimulation GH values in 6 of the 13 pre-surgery patients, peaking at T15.Critically utilized for understanding sexual dimorphism, gender identity, and sexual orientation, the brain imaging of transgender phenomena is a fertile site for reimagining concepts of embodiment (Salamon 2010).This article is based on my thesis, written under the direction of Lisa Cartwright.

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Underlying these overarching questions is a renewed discussion of sexuality with regard to gender identity and biological sex.

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