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Collaboration by individual Poles has been described as smaller than in other occupied countries.left the People's Republic of Poland for the nascent State of Israel and North or South America.Their departure was hastened by the destruction of Jewish institutions, post-war violence and the hostility of the Communist Party to both religion and private enterprise, but also because in 1946–1947 Poland was the only Eastern Bloc country to allow free Jewish aliyah to Israel, "anti-Zionist" campaign.

The history of the Jews in Poland dates back over 1,000 years.

One-fifth of the Polish population perished during World War II, half of them were 3,000,000 Polish Jews murdered in The Holocaust, constituting 90% of Polish Jewry.

Although the Holocaust occurred largely in German-occupied Poland, there was little collaboration with the Nazis by its citizens.

For the purpose of the organization and functioning of risk management systems in commercial banks and in order to ensure that the banks carry out their transactions within acceptable risk parameters and use a method which will protect the interests of depositors, creditors and owners of the banks, the National Bank of Ukraine has developed and approved “Methodical guidelines for the organization and operation of risk management systems in the banks of Ukraine”.

The advantages of risk management in banks and its main task have been considered.

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It appears that Jews were then living in Gniezno, at that time the capital of the Polish kingdom of the Piast dynasty.

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